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Euston Avenue

This is one of our move on houses, sometimes referred to as GROW More, where four of our Rickmansworth Road residents have the option of moving to once they are well on their way to recovery. Here, our residents are far more self-sufficient, they are far more independent so less reliant on the main house […]

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Princes Avenue

This is the other of our move on houses which can accommodate five, this also comes under the banner of GROW More, where five of our Rickmansworth Road residents have the option of moving to when both parties feel that they are at that stage in their recovery. Just like Euston Road, our residents are […]

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Social Housing

In almost all cases, residents who are looking to move on from Euston Road or Princes Avenue are free to seek council housing. This can be either locally or in the wider area. Occasionally we are given a number opportunities to nominate our residents in order for them with the bidding process to secure council […]

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Private Rented Accommodation

A selection of our residents have chosen to secure accommodation via private rental. Obviously the benefit of this is being able to more freely choose the location and type of home that’s right for them. Should they initially want to arrange this whilst claiming housing benefit we will help them with both the property search […]

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cordelia coleman

£660.00 raised so far

Our new garden extension project


Work continues apace on our new garden extension project which has come to fruition as part of a large investment project, approved by local authorities and our trustees.  The new extension will mean that we are perfectly placed to meet and exceed the expectations of our residents, both current and future. As with any project […]

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Our residents welfare is obviously of paramount importance. An integral part of our facility is to oversee and control the use prescribed prescription medication should our residents need this. Our trained staff work closely with a variety of health care workers including, doctors, dentists, probation and mental health workers to ensure that the needs of […]

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Once our residents are on the road to their own personal recovery, we offer and encourage each of them to gradually re-integrate back into society. This could be via a voluntary work programme or scheme, further education, work based training, paid part-time work or even, on the rare occasion, drug and alcohol counselling courses. Our […]

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  The vast majority of our client base have experienced historical, entrenched substance use Most residents referred to the service   have never had a safe , structured environment where they can begin to address their addictions from a realistic place, this being from exactly where they are on entering the service. Most of our clients […]

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In a nutshell, we provide all of the facilities you will need in order to GROW yourself as a valued individual all the way along your personal recovery. Building confidence and encouraging personal growth, free from a life of living rough and dependant on substances. We have a host of success stories from past and […]

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