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GROW Rickmansworth Road

At the age of thirteen I began using cannabis and at fourteen I started experimenting with hard drugs(speed, LSD, etc), and by the age of fifteen these drug taking habits lead to my being kicked out of my family home. I was now homeless and began to mix with all the wrong crowd who got […]

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Among the residents at GROW is Marcus, 35, who has lived at the hostel since October. He was released from prison after a two-year sentence in April 2007, and after staying in Cheshunt either side of a spell back inside, he moved to a night shelter in St Albans before he was referred to Watford. […]

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Paul, 25, was asked to leave his mother’s home when his drinking, gambling and financial problems spiralled out of control. He stayed with friends for a while and slept on doormats and benches and in boarded up properties, until he found a place at a night shelter and then moved to GROW last month. He […]

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Mark, 52, has been at GROW for 18 months. In quick succession he lost his job and flat and gained a drinking problem. “I lost the plot,” he admitted. Mark is now hoping to find work using his upholstery and French polishing qualifications, and is aiming to gain some free driving lessons by taking on […]

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I became homeless at the age of fifteen due to my drug taking habits. My mum asked me to leave because of my constant drug usage, I started living with different friends for about two years (sofa surfing). Then I became so heavily involved in drugs that I was no long welcomed to stay at […]

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