Princes Avenue

This is the other of our move on houses which can accommodate five, this also comes under the banner of GROW More, where five of our Rickmansworth Road residents have the option of moving to when both parties feel that they are at that stage in their recovery. Just like Euston Road, our residents are far more self-sufficient, they are far more independent so less reliant on the main house for their day to day needs. These include cooking, cleaning, gardening and for the security of the house and for one another. They are encouraged to establish good relationships with their neighbours.

Residents here are of course welcome to come to the main house every day should they want to but their main focus is to eventually be less reliant on benefits and gain paid work once more, basically they are given more both the flexibility and opportunity to progress. All of our move on house residents have the full support of our staff members for and extra assistance that they may need.