Private Rented Accommodation

A selection of our residents have chosen to secure accommodation via private rental. Obviously the benefit of this is being able to more freely choose the location and type of home that’s right for them. Should they initially want to arrange this whilst claiming housing benefit we will help them with both the property search and with any application, form filling and liaising with the local Council.

Some of our residents very quickly return to paid work, either via a voluntary scheme, temporary or contract work developing into full-time paid work, job applications or in the form of returning to their former employer (all of which we can help with)

In almost all cases, residents who are looking to move on from Euston Road or Princes Avenue are free to seek council housing. This can be either locally or in the wider area.

Occasionally we are given a number opportunities to nominate our residents in order for them with the bidding process to secure council accommodation. For many councils, social housing is extremely limited and Watford is no different in this regard. Our staff have very good connections with the team of local Housing Officers and we will do all we can to help our residents.