The vast majority of our client base have experienced historical, entrenched substance use Most residents referred to the service   have never had a safe , structured environment where they can begin to address their addictions from a realistic place, this being from exactly where they are on entering the service.

Most of our clients  looking to give up on an addictive substance will have to wrestle with a myriad of reasons as to why they should  give up….   GROW will work with our clients  resistance, to change in order for them to  begin to address primary and deep seated issues.  GROW’s holistic approach will see the service adopting a  strong emphasis  on the  cycle of change Model  which will  entail the service working with clients where they are not where the service wishes to place them .

GROW will provide a service that is targeted, intensive where necessary and flexible in other areas ensuring that we have the ability to respond where needed. GROW will endeavour to  link into other agencies and services to ensure that we are not only providing value for money but that we remain relevant to current trends and local need.